Rivet Nuts M8 (Pack of 2)

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LXTRDNA-L4.17 HANDLING = 5 DAYS * Made In India




Reduced countersunk (thin sheet) rivet nuts with a knurled body and open-end are also commonly known as Rivnuts, Blind Nuts, Thin Sheet Nuts, and Nutserts.
These rivet nut fasteners are a form of internally threaded insert and are used in applications where the material (wall) thickness is too small to tap a conventional thread, therefore by using rivet nuts a strong thread is created in thin sheets of material for high strength fastening from bolts and other threaded articles.

The open end style rivet nut allows the stud or male threaded component to thread through the rivet nut without limiting the length or protrusion of the male threaded part.


  • Socket Type: Insert Nuts
  • Diameter: M8 (8mm)
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Length: 18mm
  • Colour: Silver White
  • Surface Finish: Nickel Plated