1240 24V Solenoid Electric Door Lock

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  1.  Iron Body Material
  2. High quality ultra-compact electric lock.
  3. Rustproof, durable, safe, convenient to use.
  4. Suction which tightly sucks the iron, thus locking the door.
  5. Applicable for being installed in the escape door or fire door electronic controlled system.
  6. Slim design, security, and stability, low power consumption
  7. Designed with the open frame type and mount board, high power.
  8. Easy to install for the electric door lock or other automatic door lock systems with the mounting board.
  9. Adopts the principle of electric magnetism, when the current through the silicon, the electromagnetic lock will achieve a strong.

Package Includes:

1 x 1240 24V DC 0.8A 7.5W Solenoid for Electric Door Lock