12V 200 RPM Geared DC Motor – Grade A Quality

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LXT-RDNA-C4.32 HANDLING = 5 DAYS * Made In India


Description :

This motor is a simple DC motor coupled with Metal Gearbox for delivering more power/torque. Compact size and massive torque make them stand tall in the market.

Furthermore, this Geared Motor has an operating voltage of 6V to 18V. It is rated at 12V for efficient performance, provides a speed of 300 RPM and torque of 34.2 N-cm.

Features : 

  1. Grade A Quality branded DC Motor.
  2. It has a sturdy construction.
  3. Shaft equips metal bushes for long life.
  4. It comes with High-Quality gears.
  5. The shaft has a hole for better coupling.