150mm/6Inch Lcd Digital Electronic Carbon Fiber Vernier Caliper Gauge Micrometer

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LXT-RDNA-F1.5 HANDLING = 5 DAYS * Made In India



vernier scale is a visual aid to take an accurate measurement reading between two graduation markings on a linear scale by using mechanical interpolation; thereby increasing resolution and reducing measurement uncertainty by using vernier acuity to reduce human estimation error.

The Vernier is a subsidiary scale replacing a single measured-value pointer, and has for instance ten divisions equal in distance to nine divisions on the main scale. The interpolated reading is obtained by observing which of the Vernier scale graduations is co-incident with a graduation on the main scale, which is easier to perceive than visual estimation between two points. Such an arrangement can go to a higher resolution by using a higher scale ratio, known as the Vernier constant. A Vernier may be used on circular or straight scales where a simple linear mechanism is adequate.