MyRobo Coin Bank – 3 in 1

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MyRobo Robot Coin Bank – 3 in 1 | Robot with Rhymes, Coin Bank, Desk Light

How cool is it to have a true friends, a companion that does your tasks for you and never speaks a word in disagreement. This robot is just that and more. It teaches you the important art of saving money. Just put your currency notes against the slot and see them disappear inside the robo’s stomach. This friend can sing nursery rhymes for you at the touch of a button and even allow you to change password if you suspect anyone prying on your savings.

This robot can slide on the floor, sing nursery rhymes, light up room with led, shine its eyes, and lets you change the password.

Product Features:

  • MyRobo is your friend in need – performs multiple functions
  • It’s the perfect way for you to start saving
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (included) – Can be charged using usb cable also.
  • Dimension: 20.5 X 12.5 (approx.)
  • Product functions: shining eyes, automatically roll money, 10 rhymes, modify password, robots can slide, table lamp, arms can move freely
  • A great gift to teach saving habits from the start

Package Contents: 1 * Robot Coin Bank, 3 AA batteries, Fake Notes, 1 * instruction BookletGood habits must start early. Here is a good read on how to save money.