The Super-Duper Man – Bobble head

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SuperMan BobbleHead | Car Dashboard Accessory | Gift for Kids

Superman is the man made of steel – and uses all his super cool powers to fight evil in the world. This last son of Krypton flies faster than a bullet, jumps over skyscrapers in the blink of an eye and has super strength. This bobblehead is a great gift for those who are a symbol of this kind of strength for you, have always been by your side and would jump off a cliff for you. You may also gift it to Superman lovers and see them be flabbergasted at the sight of a baby superman being all grumpy.

Item Description:

  • SuperMan – the man of steel – for the man who makes your life better
  • Perfect accessory for your car or office desk
  • Comes in cute bobble head style
  • A great gift for kids and even for adults who are die hard fans of SuperMan
  • Sturdy base to stay put while driving
  • Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Size:  Height:11.3 cm, Base Width: 8.8 cm
  • Love for all Super Man fans
  • Package Contents: 1 *  SuperMan BobbleHead