Cute Little Pups Eraser (set of 4)

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Cute Little Dog Eraser | Elegant Return Gifts | Erasers and Pencil Toppers (set of 4)A dog is a man’s best friend for so many reasons – they never judge you and they are the happiest whenever they see you around. The little pups are so adorable so would want to spend every day of your life with them. And with so many of dog-lovers in this world, you are bound to have atleast one such person in your life.We have got you covered if you are looking for gifts or return gifts for a dog-theme party. This beautiful item will benefit the recipient by being a beautiful tiny dog replica, an eraser and also a pencil topper.Product Description:
Multi-purpose Design: Erasers that can also be used as pencil toppers
Fits almost all standard sized pencils
A great accessory for your desks
Material: Rubber
Size: 3.5 cm * 2.5 cm
Design: 4 different colored pups
Great return gifts for Dog theme parties or even for your kids who love dogs.
Package contents : 4 * Pup erasers