Skip Ball – Jumping Ring for Boys and Girls ( Multi Color )

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Skip Ball | Exercise Toy | Gift of Health

Skip Ball is a toy that is a combination of fitness and entertainment.The product comprises of an illuminated wheel, a connecting tube attached to the wheel, and the other end is provided with a tail ring.Jump in the air by one leg at a time, to achieve the ideal fitness and have fun in the process. This product is conducive to good health, and has a good effect on children.The dazzling brilliance makes the child love it and let the child have a happy and healthy class. Its your happiness, You are the master !

Product Features:

  • Upgraded Ankle Ring Design: Jumping ball with PVC wheels, upgraded buckle is more convenient for people of different ages to put their feet into the jump ring, with high-quality PP sponge to better protect the user’s ankle.
  • Game Interaction: The Skip Ball is a great game interaction toy, this super-healthy exercise not only challenges your child’s imagination, but also keeps them active in the game and deepens your relationship with your child.
  • Easy to Play: Place one foot in the hoop and gently turn the skipping rope for a fun jumping game,suitable for children over 3 years old and adults.
  • Great Exercise: Swing ball helps to develop children’s coordination and motor function, while burning excess energy.
  • Colorful flash wheel built-in LED lamp beads to emit cooling lights, very eye-catching,Turning energy production and turn the faster and more brighter ,that makes the sport swing ball more fun and playable,especially at night.

Package Contents: 1 * Skip Ball Game