Tasty Treat – Cookie Shaped Notepad

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Cookie Diary – Tasty Treat – Cookie Shaped Notepad

Cookies and biscuits have a place in everyone’s heart equally. Each tea break is incomplete without one – a chocolate cookie is the king of cookies. If you are a true lover of tea and biscuits, and also love to collect quirky stationery on the side, this notepad is made for you.

This is one piece of stationery that would make you reach out for a cookie definitely. It looks like a large chocolate cookie, and even smells like one on the cover. So take home this cookie and never get fat.

This mini notepad comes with ultra- white quality pages and a silicon cover that looks like chocolate cookies. You may choose to use the cover as a coaster once you are done using the notepad.

Product Features:

  • Silicone cover is shaped like a cookie with text – round lovely biscuits
  • Sniff the cover  – it smells like a real cookie
  • Cute notepad for writing
  • Extra White paper notepad
  • Use the notepad cover as coasters once all the pages have been used
  • Package Contents:. 1 x Cookie Diary Notepad