Elle – Cute Wooden Brooch

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Elle – Cute Wooden Brooch – For someone extra – ordinarily lovableWhen you need to express, even a tiny but cute present is enough to speak of your Jumbo – sized love.This brooch, made with wood, is super cute with Elle’s ears full of hearts. It is a symbol of all the lovely things you’ve told Elle about the love of your life. A lovable gift for them to sport on their sleeves or lapel, that will always remind them of your presence.This cute elephant brooch also makes for a beautiful stocking stuffer. It will make any animal lover ecstatic and jumping with joy.Product Features:

  • Gift for everyone who is extra ordinarily lovable
  • Wear it on your lapel or collar with love
  • Suit Pin Brooch –  Casual Accessories
  • Pattern: Elle, the Elephant Brooch
  • Crafted in refurbished wood, this lapel pin is environment-friendly
  • A great idea for stocking stuffer on Christmas
  • Color: Brown – Natural wood
  • Size: 16 * 25 mm.
  • Package Contents :
  • 1 * Elephant Brooch.