Ibaadat Quran Majeed (Speaker Format) – Eid Gift

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Shemaroo Ibaadat Quran Majeed (Speaker Format) – Eid Gift Idea

"الصلاة تخفف الألم Prayer relieves pain" – says the Quran.

The Shemaroo Ibaadat is made to look like the holy Kaaba Sharif and recites the Surahs and Aayats of Quran at the touch of a button. Choose from 14 different languages. The Ibaadat Quran Majeed speaker has multiple features like Holy Quran Sharif translation in 15 languages, Multi-City Azan time setting, Record & Learn the Holy Quran, Recital of the complete Holy Quran, Select the Surah & Ayat of your choice and imbibe the teachings of the Holy Quran and much more. Ibaadat Quran Majeed Speaker is the perfect gift for all occasions.

Product Features:

  • In the Shape of the Holy Kaaba Sharif
  • Perfect gift for anyone who would like to understand the holy aayats of Quran
  • Contains Shahi – Al- Bukhari by Muhammad Al-Bukhari, Shahi Muslim by  Ibn Al-Hajjaj, Al Ruqyah, Qaida Noorani
  • Qaida Noorani focuses on pronunciation making it suitable to teach Quran to youngsters
  • Easy to Operate: Audio Guided Assistance makes it easy to use
  • Soft-keys: User friendly remote with soft-touch keys allows one-touch access to the entire content
  • Warranty 1 year from date of purchase
  • Package Contents : 1 * Ibaadat Quran Majeed Speaker , 1 Remote