3DR Single TTL MINI Radio Telemetry 433MHz 250mW for APM

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XYZ-127297                    HANDLING DAYS =5



  1. A range of several Kilometers with a small Omni Antenna
  2. Can be used with a bi-directional amplifier for even more more range
  3. Open Source Firmware
  4. At command for radio configuration
  5. RT Commands for Remote radio Configuration
  6. Adaptive flow control when used with APM
  7. Based on the Hope RF HM-TRP radio Module
  8. Featuring a SiLabs Si1000 RF Micro controller
  9. Support OTG of Android Cellphone and Computer.

Features :

  1. MAVLink protocol framing status documents
  2. Frequency modulation and Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
  3. Self-adaption to time division multiplexing
  4. Support LBT and AFA
  5.  Configurable duty cycle
  6. Built-in error correcting code(up to 25% data bit error)
  7. AT command configure data transmission
  8. RT command remote control data transmission
  9. Interchangeable air and ground 433MHz modules
  10.  Micro-USB port
  11. 6-position connector
  12. 250mW maximum output power (adjustable)
  13. SMA connector
  14. 2-way full-duplex communication through adaptive TDM
  15. UART interface
  16. Transparent serial link
  17. Open-source SIK firmware
  18. Configurable through *Mission Planner and *APM Planner.
  19. Based on the HM-TRP wireless module, with Si1000 8051 micro controller and Si4432.

Package Includes :

1 x Radio Telemetry Base Station (USB Connection).

1 x Telemetry Trans receiver (Pin Header).

2 x 2.5dbi Antenna.

1 x 5-pin Lead cable for APM FC.

1 x 6-pin Lead cable for FC.