30Rpm 70kgcm DC Planetary Geared High Precision Encoder Servo Motor

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Planetary Gear Motor Specifications


30 RPM 12V Planetary High Precision Encoder DC Geared Motor with Metal Planetary Motor, High Precision Encoder and Metal Gears

18000 RPM base motor

5 stage gearbox for optimum high torque operation

Gear Box breaking torque 100kgcm, recommended to be used till 75kgcm for continuous load

Motor rated Torque is 70 kgcm along with gearbox and stall torque is even higher than 200 kgcm, however the motor should not be used beyond 75 kgcm continuous load.

Shaft is D type with total lenght of 16 mm and D shape in 12 mm.

6mm Dia shaft with M3 thread hole for tight mounting.

Shaft can be coupled using CNC coupling 6 mm or using fixed coupling as per requirement

Back shaft length is 9 mm

Gearbox diameter is 32 mm.

Motor Diameter 28.5 mm

Length 81.5 mm without shaft

300gm weight

No-load current : 800 mA, Load current : upto 7.5 A(Max)

Encoder Specifications & Pinouts

Counts per revolution (CPR) : 7,81,560

Red: EncB

Orange: EncA

Yellow: Motor-

Green: Motor+

Brown : Vcc +5V DC.

Black : Gnd This is to be kept isolated from Motor Ground.