TEC1-12706 40x40mm Thermoelectric Cooler 6A Peltier Module

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XYZ-26307                 HANDLING = 5 DAYS


Model number: TEC1-12706
Operating Voltage: 12V
Maximum Voltage- Umax (V) : 15.4V
Maximum Current- Imax (A) : 6A
Maximum Power : 92 W
Maximum Temperature : 138°C
Power Cord: 200mm.

Features :
Small module.
Operable up to 138°C.
Easy transition between the hot side to the cool side and vice-versa just by reversing the polarity of supply.
Quality tested cooling cells.
Solid state, vibration free, noise-free.
Simple to install and operate.
Should use with a heat sink.

Package Includes:

1 x TEC1-12706 Thermoelectric Peltier Cooler 12 Volt 92 Watt.