3.2 Inch TFT LCD Touch Screen Display V4.0

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  1. Version: V4.0
  2. Resistive touch.
  3. Dimension: 3.2 inch.
  4. Operating Voltage: DC 5V.
  5. Driver: XPT2046.
  6. Resolution: 240 x 320.

Features :

  1. 320 × 240 resolution, support touch
  2. Compatible with any version of the raspberry pie
  3. Provide driver (can be used directly for custom / system)
  4. And your as large (1 generation B + type, 2 generation B type and 3 generation type B)
  5. Comes with three buttons for easy application
  6. Shen Jin process, uncompromising attention to detail
  7. Designed for Raspberry Pi Model B/B+, easy to use
  8. Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+,B,B+/2.
  9. Supports system, enables your system to:
  10. Play videos (supports multi formats, MP4 and so on)
  11. Take photos by touching
  12. Support software keyboard (system interaction without keyboard/mouse)
  13. With the system, had to have the following features:1. Take pictures (17 kinds of camera mode)2.Support soft keyboard (from the mouse and keyboard can control the system)3.Surfing the Internet (your world created by you).

Package Includes :

1x 3.2 Inch TFT LCD Screen

1x Resistive Screen Touch Pen/Stylus

1 x Diver Software Disc

1 x Standoff and Nut-Bolt set.