USB Mini Discharge Load Resistor 2A/1A with 1A green LED, 2A red LED

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XYZ-44049                                HANDLING = 5 DAYS



  1. Switch and USB interface design.
  2. Rated Power: 5W-10W.
  3. Type: Fixed Resistor.
  4. Size: 75 x 15 x 11.6 (LxWxH)mm.

Features :

  1. USB mini discharge load resistor 2A/1A is mainly to do discharge test if the charger or mobile power supply output current is 2A, load meter power is 5V * 2A = 10W, if the output current is 1A, then the power load is 5V * 1A = 5W.
  2. Switch and USB interface design.

Package Includes :

1 x USB mini discharge load resistor 2A/1A.