CP2102 Serial Converter USB 2.0 To TTL UART 6PIN Module

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CP2102 Serial Converter USB 2.0 To TTL UART 6PIN Module?


  • Use SILABS?s CP2102 chip, performance is definitely more than made PL2303, encroaching FT232RL.
  • Full board design, full-featured interface. With RXD TXD RST 3.3V 5VDTR DCD RI RTS CTS and other full-featured interface. Some boards can?t work with normal CP2102 boards because of the incomplete interface, now it is not a problem anymore.
  • With 500mA resettable fuse designed to prevent users from burning power pick the wrong computer USB, this is a must. Get hold of the plate board computer motherboard burned more harm than good.
  • With power indicator light.
  • Directly computer USB interface design, you can not use the computer switch wiring or extension cords.
  • Package includes five DuPont line, you can link directly target board.Convenient and flexible.