USB Cable A-B for Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega

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LGF-TECH1735                                  HANDLING = 5 DAYS


USB Cable A to B is a Standard USB 2.0 cables of good quality and reliability use in Arduino Boards and Programmers. The USB cable provided by our organization is the most commonly used A to B Male/Male type peripheral cable which can be providedin both White or Black color and may vary as our stock rotates.

This is a standard issue USB 2.0 cable. the kind that?s usually used for printers, Arduino, etc. Compatible with most SFE designed USB boards as well as USBArduino boards like the Uno.

Some of the combinations mentioned below:

  • USB Series A plug to Micro USB
  • USB Series A plug to Mini USB A type Male
  • USB Series A plug to Mini USB B type male
  • USB series A plug to series B plug
  • USB series A plug on both side
  • USB series A plug to 5P housing
  • USB receptacle on bracket