A2212/13T 1000kV Brushless DC Motor for Quadcopter

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LGF-TECH1042                                       HANDLING = 5 DAYS

This is a brushless outrunner motor specifically made for quadcopters and multirotors. It is a 1000kV motor. It provides high performance, super power and brilliant efficiency. These motors are perfect for medium size quadcopters with 8 inch to 10 inch propellers. Use this to build powerful and efficient quadcopters.

The comes complete with mounting bolts, prop adapters and power leads.

It can be used with our F450 quadcopter frame. Our 30A ESCs can be used to drive the motor.


  • KV (rpm/volt): 1000
  • Thrust: 900/4
  • Efficiency : 80%
  • efficiency current: 4-10A (>75%)
  • Current capacity : 12A/60s
  • Load current @10v: 0.5A
  • Working voltage: 7-12V