1000mAh 2S 20C/40C (7.4v) Lithium Polymer Battery Pack (Lipo)

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XYZ-43021                            HANDLING = 5 DAYS



Features :

  1. Safe chemistry will not explode or catch fire
  2. More mAh per gram compared to NiMH cells, meaning lighter models, and longer runtime
  3. Virtually no "self-discharge", so the battery is always ready to go even weeks after charging.
  4. Superior voltage performance under load compared to NiMH cells, with consistent torque and speed.
  5. Fast charge time
  6. The LiPo battery pack has low resistance
  7. Good temperature control
Safety Precautions :
  1. Avoid over-charging or over-discharge batteries
  2. Do not put it besides the high-temperature condition
  3. Don’t directly expose it into the fire
  4. Avoid the contact of water.
  5. Do not Short Circuit the battery Terminals

Package Includes :

1x 1000mAh 2S 20C/40C (7.4v) Lithium Polymer Battery Pack (Lipo)