APM 2.8 Flight Controller with Built-in Compass

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XYZ- 28963                                 HANDLING = 5 DAYS






The downloadable mission planner software is what you use to configure and control your Ardupilot board, features include:

  1. Point-and-click way point entry, using Maps.
  2. Select mission commands from drop-down menus.
  3. Download mission logs files and analyzes them.
  4. Configure APM settings for your airframe.
  5. Interface with a PC flight simulator to create a full hardware-in-the-loop UAV simulator.
  6. See the output from APM’s serial terminal.

Features :

  1. Straight Needle
  2. Arduino Compatible!
  3. Onboard 4 Data flash chip for automatic data logging.
  4. Optional off-board GPS, a LEA-6H module with Compass.
  5. One of the first open-source autopilot systems to use Invensense’s 6 DoF Accelerometer/Gyro MPU-6000.
  6. Barometric pressure sensor upgraded to MS5611-01BA03, from Measurement Specialties.
  7. ATMEGA2560 and ATMEGA32U-2 chips for processing and USB functions respectively.


 Package Includes :

1 x APM 2.8 Multicopter Flight Controller.

2 x Connecting Wires.