6Dof Biped Robot Diy Kit With 18 Controller

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This Package Includes

1 x R3 based Bluetooth + USB 18 Controller
1 x Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack 7.4V 2200mAh (2C)
6 x Metal Gear Standard Economy
6 x Multipurpose Aluminium Standard Bracket
6 x Short U Shape Aluminium Bracket
2 x L Shaped Interconnect Bracket
1 x Large U Beam Aluminium Bracket
2 x Robot feet Aluminium Bracket
6 x Metal Horn for 25T
1 x Charger
1 x 12V 1A Adapter
6 x Cup bearing
1 x Screw nut set.


Product Features:

Arches punching, corner cutting
Cost-effective and easy-to-use
For hobbyists, robot competition, kids
Humanoid robot
Color: Black


Required Pulse: 3-5 Volt Peak to Peak Square Wave
Operating Voltage: 4.8-7.2 Volts
Operating Temperature Range: -10 to +60 Degree C
Operating Speed (4.8V): 0.18sec/60 degrees at no load
Operating Speed (6V): 0.16sec/60 degrees at no load
Operating Speed (7.2V): 0.14sec/60 degrees at no load
Stall Torque (4.8V): 11kg/cm
Stall Torque (6V): 13.5kg/cm
Stall Torque (7.2V): 16kg/cm
360 Modifiable: Yes
Potentio meter Drive: Indirect Drive
Bearing Type: Double Ball Bearing
Gear Type: All Metal Gears
Connector Wire Length: 12"
Dimensions: 1.6" x 0.8"x 1.4" (41 x 20 x 36mm)
Weight: 56gm

18 Controller Features:

Bluetooth interface for wireless controll of robots
Controls 18 hobby from PC and Micro controller
USB interface
Comes Pre-loaded boot loader
Software exports sequences to Arduino Uno for running servo sequences
Independent range setting for each
Independent offset, Maximum, Minimum and Direction setting for each
0.5-microsecond resolution
50 Hz update rate
Small size of 80 X 47 mm
Plug and Play, Auto detection of hardware
Easy to use software
sequencer with speed, delay, goto and many other features
Home and neutral position setting
Easy to install USB driver and Application software.