8*10mm 10µH DIP Power Inductor (Pack of 5)

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LXT-RDNA-D4.79-1 HANDLING = 5 DAYS * Made In India


Description :

8*10mm 10µH DIP Power Inductor is a small choke coil power inductor. It has a wire wound on the core(magnetic or air), with leads attached to it for through-hole mounting. The power inductor also known as a choke coil, choke or differential mode inductors, is used to limit the alternating current through the coil.

It has a high Q factor, high self-resonance frequency, small magnetic flux leakage. Also, the power inductor has good magnetic shielding and is RoHS free.

  1. Motherboards for laptop and desktop computers.
  2. DC/DC converter in distributed power systems or VRM Applications.
  3. Inductor for general purpose use.

Package Includes:

8*10mm 10µH DIP Power Inductor (5pcs).