A2212 2200KV BLDC Brushless DC Motor

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Description :

A2212 2200KV BLDC Brushless DC Motor is widely used for airplane aircraft quad copter. This motor comes with 80% maximum efficiency, 4-10A max current efficiency, and 12A / 60s current capacity. If you're looking about your quadcopter's performance, look no further than the A2212. Built with high-end magnets, a high pole count and custom motor mount, this motor is designed purely for multi-rotor applications. The A2212 includes an integrated prop adaptor for use with many different style props featuring a 4mm shaft and adaptor sleeves for 5mm/6mm props. It also has an in-built aluminum mount for quick and easy installation on your quadcopter frame. This is not a modified airplane out a runner. It was designed from the ground up specifically for multi-rotor applications.

This 2200kv brushless motor is equipped with the solid metal case which makes it reliable and durable. This A2212 Motor comes with the pre-soldered good quality connector for a fast and direct connection between ESC and the motor.

Features :

  • The steel design is capable of withstanding competitional conditions.
  • Lightweight design makes them suitable for a wide range of Quadcopter and Hexacopter Frames.
  • Compact size.
  • Offers great performance and value for money.
  • Smooth throttle response for best RC experience.