AC 100-240V to DC 12V 5A 60W Power Adapter

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This DC 5A 12V 60W Output Power Adapter with AC 100-240V Input range. It is widely used for LED Driver and as a Switched-mode power supply (SMPS) for various devices which required 12V with high current up to 5A. This is the advanced power supply and better than conventional ones. If you want low losses and stable output also you don’t want to make a rectifier, so go for this SMPS.

Features :
PWM design, make sure the stability and high efficiency of power supply.
Anti-jamming, passed EMC test, wave less than 20MV.
Efficiency above 80%, exotherm less than 25 degree
Function: with overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection
Constant voltage output, assume stable power supply for LED lightings to reach long lifetime and reduce led to light decay.

Package Includes :
1 x AC 100-240V to DC 12V 5A 60W Power Adapter