Camera - IR Cut Camera - Supports Night Vision

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Camera - IR Cut Camera - Supports Night Vision - Better image quality in day time 

camera with embedded IR cut facility. Enables you to take high quality photgraphs both in day and night. While normal cameras will take reddish pictures during the daylight because of lacking of IR filter in the CCD, this RPi IR cut camera can take much better quality picture at resolution of up to 1080p during both day and night.


  • 5MP camera sensor OV5647.
  • Supports all revisions
  • Embedded removable IR cut filter, eliminating color distortion in the day light.
  • Comes with Infrared LED to support night vision.
  • Camera specification
    • CCD Size : 1/4 inch
    • Aperture F :1.8
    • Focal length: 3.8mm adjustable
    • FoV : 75.7 degrees
    • Best resolution: 1080p
  • 4 screw holes
    • Used for attachment 
    • Provides 3.3v power output
    • supports mounting of IR LED modules or flash LED
  • Module size - 31mm x 32mm.