CC2530 Evaluation Kit - Development Board for CC2530F256

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CC2530 Evaluation Kit - Development Board for CC2530F256

This evaluation kit is an ideal solution to explore various features of RF Transceiver CC2530F256 by Texas Instruments. This evaluation board has all the neccessary components to program/ debug the CC2530 chip and explore all of its features. It consists of ZB502 Mother board and CC2530 Core Daughter Board.

This evaluation kit can be used for follwing development -

Develop application with the provided firmware. Combined with our provided firmware, you can use this kit to set up a minimal ready-to-run system for testing or evaluating, and requires NO knowledge about the complicate Specification
Develop your own firmware, In this case, you should start from the very underlying to create your solution, what's more, debuggers (like CC Debugger) and knowledge about Specification are also required.

Package Includes:-

ZB502 Mother Board
CC2530 Daughter Board
Antenna with SMA Connector
USB Type A to Mini B Cable
Connecting Wires Pack.