CC2530F256 Module with Power Amplifier for Long Range - 1000meter StableCommunication

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XCore2530 - CC2530F256 Module with Power Amplifier for Long Range

CC2530F256 Breakout module with Onboard PA and Antenna for long range wireless communication. This module can achive wireless communication of range of up to 1500 meters.

XCore2530 is CC2530 based module with onboard PA and Antenna. This module can be used in two ways...

Develop applications with provided firmware, combined with our firmware, this is a simple wireless module UART module, it's very easy to use just like any UART module with no knowledge of protocol as such.
Develop your own firmware, in this case, you should start from the very scratch to create your solution, in this case other tools like CC Debugger and knowledge of protocol is also desired.


Onboard Chip - CC2530F256RHAR
Communication Distance (in Wide open area)
Absolute maximum : Over 1500 Meter
Stable Communication : Over 1300 Meter
Auto Connection : Over 1000 Meter
Frequency Range - 2.4GHz
Supply voltage range - 2V to 3.6V
Serial port Baud rate 38400 BPS default, different baud rates are possible after configuration.
All I/O expansion on board except P1_1, P1_4
Pin Header Pitch - standard 2.54mm
Antenna - 2G4, 2DB, Omnidirectional
Package Content

XCore2530 Module
Antenna with SMA connector.