DB9 Male Screw Terminal to RS232 RS485 Conversion Board

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This is a DB9 Male Screw Terminal to RS232 RS485 Conversion Board module, RS232 Serial DB9 9-pin to 9 Position Screw Terminal Block. Connector DB9 adapter terminals to facilitate commissioning equipment of project. The wire size range of the 9 Positions Screws Terminal Block is 22-14AWG. All-copper DB9 Socket, anti-oxidation, contact better.

Features :
Perfect for experimentation and prototype work
Brings all 9 pins of a DB9 connector to screw terminal blocks
Adapter used for communication debug
9 pcs signal line was all lead out, name and number clearly labeled;
All-copper DR9 seat, anti-oxidation, better contact;
Military board, three anti-paint sprays an entire board, corrosion-resistant;
Terminal spacing 3.96MM, screw hole diameter 2MM, need to use a width of 2MM screwdriver for assembly;
Use of environmentally friendly copper terminals, through IS0-9001.

Package Includes :
1 x DB9 male screw terminal To RS232 RS485 Conversion Board.