Discovery NX4832F035 3.5″ Resistive Touch Display

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NX4832f035 is a 3.5″ Discovery series HMI Touch display having a resistive touch screen. The discovery series of displays are cost-effective HMI solutions based on STM32GO ARM Cortex-M0+ 64MHz Onboard MCU Processor. In the discovery series when the Deep Sleep Mode is activated, the device’s working current is down to 0.25 mA. Your Battery Powered HMI device will last a longer working time with such a low power consumption.

3.5” LCD-TFT Resistive HMI touch display module
480 x 320 screen resolution
RGB 65K true-to-life colours
Onboard ARM Cortex-M0+ 64MHz MCU
3584 Byte SRAM
16 MB Flash memory
XH2.54 4 Pins (+5V, TX, RX, GND) TTL serial interface

Package includes:
1 × 3.5″ HMI Display
1 × power supply test board
1 x 4-pin grove cable