Industrial RS232/RS485 Modbus to Ethernet Converter - USR-TCP232-410S - Power Adapter and Serial Cable Included

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Modbus to Ethernet Converter USR-TCP232-410S can realize bi-directional transparent transmission between RS232/RS485 and Ethernet. RS232/RS485 ports can work at same time, not affecting each other.

Based on TI Cortex M4 Solution, signal processing more efficient and reliable. Equipped with optimized TCP/IP protocol stack, stable and reliable, Modbus to Ethernet  converters USR-TCP232-410S can realize bi-directional transparent transmission efficiency. Work Temp: -40 ~85C, Supports hardware watchdog to keep it work stable.

Modbus to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-410S support 5 work modes: TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Client, UDP Server and https Client. Configure simply and it can realize data transmission. When works as a TCP Client, it will automatically send pre-registered packets for TCP Server to identify this TCP network. Network+Serial port heartbeat packet+Keep Alive, maintain heartbeat connection with device terminals and servers actively, ensure the stability of the system.