Load Cell Sensor 5kg For Electronic Weighing Scale

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Description :

A load cell is a transducer that is used to create an electrical signal whose magnitude is directly proportional to the force being measured. The various types of load cells include hydraulic load cells, pneumatic load cells and strain gauge load cells.

Load Cell Sensor 5kg For Electronic Weighing Scale is a standard load cell for measuring weight upto 5 Kg. The output of the load cell is in mili-volts and cannot be directly measured by a micro-controller. So an ADC with high resolution or an instrumentation amplifier is required to make the output of the load cell readable to a micro-controller.

The full-bridge structure, the four leads which can be connected to  HX711 A/D Pressure Sensor , easy to use, plus driving voltage 5-10V, force changes in the output voltage signal directly. The sensor is fixed at one end through the screw hole, and the other end left floating state, applied according to label directions direction of gravity. In particular, note that you must not directly push the white plastic cover part, in order to avoid damage of the sensor.

Wiring: Red voltage (E), Black line voltage (-E), Green line signals (S), White line signal (-S)




Dimensions in mm (LxWxH)

75 x 12.7 x 12.7

Weighing Range

0~5 Kg

Rated Output

1.0 ± 0.1mV / V

Non Linear Output

± 0.03% F.S


0.0% F.S


0.05% F.S


(5 minutes) 0.05% F.S

Cable Length


Zero Balance

± 0.1 mV / V

Input Impedance

1066 ± 10% Ω

Output Impedance

1000 ± 10% Ω

Temperature Effect on Output

0.003% F.S / C

Operating Temperature Range

-21º ~ 40º C

Weight (gm)


Insulation Resistance

2000 MΩ

Made in India