Maixduino for RISC-V AI + IoT Arduino Connectivity + OV2640 Camera

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The Maixduino AIoT Developer Kit is specialized in AI-IoT applications. It is highly integrated and features standard Arduino connectivity, can be helpful for you to fast get started with AI-IoT and edge computing related technologies.

On the hardware aspect, Maixduino integrates Maix M1 AI module, together with the ESP32 WIFI & Bluetooth module, MEMS microphone, and audio PA, etc. The kit also comes with useful peripherals such as OV2640 camera.

On the software aspect, it supports different ways of development in Micro python, Arduino, and official SDK. It is easy to take advantage of the provided SDK and AI algorithms for facial detection, object recognition, color identification, and so on.

Key Features :

  • → Arduino connectivity, allows connecting Arduino shields
  • → Integrates Maix M1 AI module, embedded K210 AI chip, RISC-V dual-core 64-bit CPU, with FPU
  • → ESP32 module, supports WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2
  • → CH552 USB to UART converter, easy programming/debugging through a USB Type-C cable
  • → Omnidirectional I2S digital output MEMS microphone
  • → Auto-eject TF card slot for storing data like images
  • → Extension connectors for camera, LCD, speaker, etc.
  • → Compatible with development environments like MaixPy IDE, Arduino IDE, Plat form IO IDE, etc.
  • → Supports AI frameworks and algorithms like Tiny-Yolo, Mobile net, Tensor Flow Lite, etc.
  • → Comes with development resources and manual (software SDK and tutorials).

Package Includes :

  • → Maixduino Board.
  • → OV2640 Camera Module.