Metal Case for Nano Developer Kit - Improved Mini PC Chassis Design

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Metal Case for Nano Developer Kit 

A new upgraded version of earlier available metal case. Redesigned for new B01 version of Jetson Nano while keeping the backward compatibility to earlier version. This case makes a perfect mini PC out of your nano board. It allows you to manage power state of the system via user buttons, has provision for 4G connectivity via a seperate 4G Add on module. It also got a vent for FAN which when combined with a 5V CPU FAN, coools down your processor for tough computing times !


Key Features :

  • Supports both original as well as new B01 version of Nano
  • Mini PC chasis like design
  • Solid metallic body, Solid and Firm
  • Dust Proof
  • Mounting Holes For Single Camera Or Binocular Camera, Up To 180° Roll Angle
  • Heat Dissipation Through The Airflow Vent On The Top (Seperate FAN may be used)
  • RESET And POWER Buttons
  • Cut out for GPIO header with pinout names printed on chasis
  • Cutouts for TF card and Wifi Antennas as well
  • Allows usage of 4G HAT for cellular connectivity (Seperate module required).

Package Content - 

→1x Body case (top and bottom)
→1x Camera holder bottom mount
→1x Camera holder top mount
→1x Jetson Nano adapter board
→1x Micro SD card adapter board
→1x Flat ribbon cable 2*20PIN
→1x Spanner
→1x Screwdriver
→1x Button with 2PIN wires
→1x Button with 4PIN wires
→1x Screws pack
→1x Jumper.