Neural Compute Stick 2, X VPU for EDGE Computing - NCSM2485.DK

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Intel Neural Compute Stick 2,  Myriad X VPU for EDGE Computing

Neural Compute Stick 2 is powered by the Intel X VPU to deliver industry leading performance, wattage, and power. The COMPUTE supports, a toolkit that accelerates solution development and streamlines deployment. The Neural Compute Stick 2 offers plug-and-play simplicity, support for common frameworks and out-of-the-box sample applications. Use any platform with a USB port to prototype and operate without cloud compute dependence. The Intel NCS 2 delivers 4 trillion operations per second with 8X performance boost over previous generations.

The neural compute stick allows you to run computationally intensive algorithms locally which otherwise would require high end cloud computing resources. It makes an ideal choice for EDGE computing environment while keeping the power consumption to low.