NS4150 Low EMI, Filterless, 3W Mono Class D Audio Amplifier SOP8 - 2 Pcs

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NS4150 Low EMI, Filter less, 3W Mono Class D Audio Amplifier SOP8

The NS4150 is a, Low EMI,Filterless,3W Mono Class D Audio Amplifier. The NS4150 original Enhanced Emission Elimination which reduces EMI-radiated emissions. Filter less Amplifier Passes FCC Radiated Emissions Standards with 100mm of Cable.

The NS4150 has the power-down function which can minimize the power consumption in the standby state. As for protection function, overcurrent protection function for speaker output terminal, over temperatue protection function for inside of the device, and low supply voltage malfunction preventing function are prepared. while offering efficiencies above 90%. A patented, low-EMI modulation scheme renders the traditional class D output filter unnecessary, conserving board space.