PH Sensor Module and PH Electrode Probe Ki

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  • To : The output of the temperature sensor for temperature compensation.
  • At a temperature of 25°C is the voltage of about 3.6 V with increasing temperature the voltage decreases (with a delay).
  • At 100°C is the voltage of about 0.85 In.
  • Do : digital output (5V / 0V) responsive to the set threshold value ph.
  • The threshold is set by the potentiometer closer to the output pins.
  • Po : the output of the ph sensor (-0.4 V to 0.4 V) amplified 2x. The mean value of the voltage of the ph sensor 0V (PH7) is shifted in the range of about 1V to 2.5 V using the potentiometer closer to the connector for the ph probe.
  • G : GND (ground).
  • G : GND (ground).
  • V+ : 5V.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x pH probe with cable and BNC connector.
  • 1 x pH sensor circuit board.