PL2303 USB UART Board (type A)

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The PL2303 is a low-cost and high-performance USB-to-Serial Bridge Controller. The PL2303 provides a convenient solution for connecting an RS-232 like a full-duplex asynchronous serial device to any Universal Serial Bus (USB) capable host.

Fully Compliant with USB Specification v2.0 (Full-Speed).
On chip USB 1.1 transceiver, 5V to 3.3V regulator, and 12 MHz crystal oscillator.
Supports RS-232 like serial interface.
Programmable baud rate from 75 bps to 6,000,000 bps.
Configurable 256-byte outbound buffer and 256-byte inbound buffer or 128-byte outbound buffer and 384-byte
inbound buffer.
Supports remote wake-up from MODEM input signals
Two general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pins
Optional external EEPROM for startup device configurations
Small footprint 28-pin SSOP IC package
Pin compatible with PL-2303HXA and PL-2303XA

Package Includes:
1 x PL2303 USB UART Board (type A)

1 x 4-pin custom connector jumper wire