Power Switch with Throttle for Ebike

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LXT-RDNA-C7.18 HANDLING = 5 DAYS * Made In India


Description :

Get the best quality Power switch with Throttle for your electric bike at the best price. This Power switch with Throttle is one of the main parts needed for building your e-bike.

E-bikes generally combine both pedal-assist sensors as well as a throttle. Some electric bikes have an electric motor that operates on a power-on-demand basis only. In this case, the electric motor is engaged and operated manually using a throttle, which is usually on the handgrip just like the ones on a motorbike or scooter.

Buy Universal Electric Bike Throttle with a power switch for your e-bike. Best throttle for your E-bike no matter what type of your e-bike is its work on every electric bike. Simply connect the wire and your electric bike is ready to throttle up.

Some e-bikes safety nuts advocate the use of an on/off switches in an ultra-powerful home-built electric bike. This means that if something goes wrong in your electronics, and the bike somehow gets stuck there is a way you can break the power to the motor and bring you to stop quickly. This on/off switch is best for the safety of your e-bike and prolongs your e-bikes lifespan. This combination of Power Switch with throttle has a wide variety of applications Ebike, Scooter, Motorcycle, ATV, Tricycle, Rickshaw and all kinds of electric vehicles.


  1. Plays a big role in protecting the motor and prolongs your motor’s lifespan.
  2. Works together with all kinds of motors
  3. Has a wide variety of applications.

Package Includes:

1 x Power Switch.

1 x Throttle.