PT8211 - 16bit Digital to Analog Converter - SOIC / SOP 8

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PT8211 - 16bit Digital to Analog Converter - SOIC8

PT8211 is a dual channel, 16 bit Digital-to-Analog Converter IC utilizing CMOS technology specially designed for the digital audio applications. The internal conversion architecture is based on a R-2R resister ladder network, internal circuit is well matched and a 16 bit dynamic range is achieved even in whole supply voltage range.

PT8211 also enhanced the performance of timing responsibility in digital serial bus, in a company with the fast switching R-2R network that make 8X oversampling audio signal is also supported. PT8211 can be supported wide range of sample frequency, it is compatible with TDA1311 by functionally. It’s digital input timing format is Least Significant Bit Justified (LSBJ), or so called Japanese input format. Digital code format is two’s complement and MSB first.