Three Axis Cnc Nc Studio Card

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  • Full support for ISO standard G command, HP plotter (HP PLT) format and carved processing (ENG) format.

  • Manual functions: Supports both via the machine input devices, such as handheld devices and other manipulation tools, also supported by the embedded computer input devices such as keyboard, mouse, complete manual operation.Incremental feed function. User to accurately set the feed rate, and can be flexibly adjusted in steps.

  • User data input (MDI) function: Users can enter G command line and executed immediately.

  • Advanced processing instruction: Simply enter a few parameters, you can complete end milling, Crochet and other functions.

  • Single-step mode: Users can set up the processing tasks to be performed as a single-step mode, which is the wrong diagnosis and Recovery provides a good support.

  • Break point memory,hops perform other advanced automatic features.

  • Save / Restore function work piece origin.

  • Feed axis precision mechanical origin back (reference point) function.

  • Automatic tool functionality:These features provide users with great convenience and processing.

  • Feedrate line adjustment: In the process the user can adjust the feed rate Minimum to 0, equivalent to suspend processing;. Up to 120%.