USB to Micro-USB Cable 2.4A 1 Meter Fast Charging High Speed Data Transfer

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  1. Fast Charging Cable – The cable can support upto a charging speed of 2.4A making it the optimal for Quick Charge / Rapid Charge and Turbo Charge devices.
  2. Durable Cable- Using only premium quality materials and a tough, durable PVC Coating, the USB cable is built for connecting and disconnecting over and over again without signal loss.
  3. High Speed Data Transfer- 480 Mbps data transfer speed allows you to sync the data to the computer or other USB devices within few seconds.
  4. Genuine USB Connectors- We use only certified and high-quality connectors ensuring not only the safety of the connected device but also reliable charging and high-speed data transmission.
  5. Universal Compatibility – ACM-1 is fully compatible with Android Devices, Tablets, Bluetooth speakers, cameras, camcorders etc. and any other device that charges through a Micro USB cable.

Package includes:

1 x  USB to Micro-USB Cable 2.4A 1Meter Fast Charging High-Speed Data Transfer.

*Made in India*